Book Review: Fire of God’s Love

by Fr. Christian Mathis on September 27, 2009

1033390The first book review that I wrote for The Catholic Company was for a book written by Mike Aquilina. I was so impressed with his book, Signs and Mysteries, that when I saw another one of his books available for review I requested a copy. Fire of God’s Love: 120 Reflections on the Eucharist, is a compilation of reflections by many different saints and writers brought together by Aquilina to deepen the reader’s faith and devotion to the Eucharist. 

Catholics speak of the Eucharist as the source and summit of the Christian life. It would be impossible to exhaust this holy gift, even if one were to attempt to do so. Aquilina’s compilation of reflections is a great resource for those preparing to receive the Eucharist, or for those who wish to linger a bit longer once the liturgy has come to a close. I would highly recommend it as a resource to those who spend time in prayer with the Blessed Sacrament. It is the type of book one could return to again and again for spiritual nourishment. 

Here is a taste of one reflection included in this book by J.R.R. Tolkien,

The only cure for sagging (or) fainting faith is Communion. Though always Itself, perfect and complete and inviolate, the Blessed Sacrament does not operate completely and once for all in any of us. Like the act of Faith it must be continuous and grow by exercise. Frequency is of the highest effect. Seven times a week is more nourishing than seven times at intervals.

If one is looking for an accessible book on the Eucharist that might lead one to a deeper life of prayer, look no further than Fire of God’s Love.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company . Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Fire of God’s Love.

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  • David Murdoch

    St Alphonsus de Liguori said (I think) that spending 15 minutes in a day in adoration of the blessed sacramant is more beneficial for the soul than everything else done for the whole day.

    …or at least it was something like that…

    God Bless,

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