Yo Quiero Ser Un Vaso Nuevo

by Fr. Christian Mathis on September 11, 2010

I love our celebration of the mass in Spanish at St. Thomas. We have an excellent choir. Tonight during the presentation of the gifts, they sang this hymn.

Gracias quiero darte por amarme.
Gracias quiero darte yo a ti, Señor.
Hoy soy feliz porque te conocí.
Gracias por amarme a mí también.

Yo quiero ser, Señor amado,
Como el barro en manos del alfarero.
Toma mi vida, hazla de nuevo,
Yo quiero ser un vaso nuevo.

Te conocí y te amé.
Te pedí perdón y me eschuchaste .
Sí, te ofendí perdóname, Señor,
pues te amo y nunca te olvidaré.

We have been singing this song at mass for several months now, mostly as a post-communion meditation and it always brings me to inner silence, even as we sing out with strong voices. The words are simple, yet beautiful. Much of the beauty of this hymn comes for the rhythm and meter of the words in Spanish. Below is my best rendering of the song in English. The words are still beautiful, but they lose a bit in translation.

I want to thank you for loving me.
I want to give thanks to you Lord.
Today I am happy that I met you.
Thank you for loving me too.

I want to be, beloved Lord,
Like clay in the potter’s hand.
Take my life, make it new,
I want to be a new vase.

I have known you and have loved you.
I asked for forgiveness and you heard me.
Yes, sorry I offended you, forgive me Lord.
Because I love you and will never forget you.

It’s always nice when one can find a small moment of beauty during the liturgy that will carry you forward during the week ahead. That’s what I found tonight.

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  • Carmen

    This is one of my favorites too. It really gets you thinking of how sinful we are and how merciful the Lord is.

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