Saturday Evening Blogpost: Of Martyrs and Women

by Fr. Christian Mathis on February 5, 2011

It’s that time again! Time to participate in Elizabeth Esther’s Saturday Evening Blogpost. Since she missed a month, Elizabeth has asked her blogging friends to submit two posts this month, one from both December and January. I have chosen Fellowship with the Martyrs as my December post because I am still thinking about it each time I pray the Roman Canon. January’s selection is a link to a recent podcast that was posted on Women in the Church. I chose this post primarily because of the dialogue it has stirred in the comments section.

If you have never participated in the Saturday Evening Blogpost, here is how it works.

  1. Pick one of YOUR posts from the last month. Insert that specific post (not your home page) into the Linky form here.
  2. Create a new post on your blog linking back to Elizabeth’s site and encouraging your readers to come join the fun! It’s always wonderful to meet new bloggers.

If you don’t have your own blog and just like discovering new sites to see, you can still head on over to Elizabeth’s blog for some good reading!

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  • Mark G.

    Maybe your readers would be interested in putting the two together & reading about Fellowship with Women Martyrs in the Church.

    The account of the martyrdom of Saints Perpetua, Felicity, & companions is one of my favorite reads of all time. I was delighted when my beloved friend took the name Felicity when she joined the Nashville Dominicans. (filed under Tertullian)

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