Pink Houses & Dominicans

by Fr. Christian Mathis on May 12, 2012

Today our parish youth took advantage of a great day for hiking in the Smokies. The weather was perfect, but our communication was somewhat flawed as one half of our group gathered at Tremont while the other believed we were supposed to be gathering at Elkmont. An easy mistake, I suppose, as both have “mont” in them, right? After waiting awhile, our group decided to go ahead with the hike and prayed the other group would have a good time on their hike as well.

The Little River trail is unique, in that there are a nearby group of abandoned houses that used to be summer homes for many affluent members of the Knoxville community. We encountered one such house that reminded me of a John Cougar Mellencamp song.

One of our teens was hoping to see a bear on our hike, but none were to be seen today. We did, however, encounter some unexpected company hiking from the opposite direction.

As someone who was fortunate enough to be taught by the Nashville Dominicans in high school, I already knew they played both tennis and basketball in their habits. I suppose I should have known they would hike in them too.

Today’s hike was a fun outing. I can’t wait to hear how the other half our group fared.

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  • Colleen Spiro

    Looks like a beautiful place to hike. Love the pictures. Hope the other half had fun!

  • Fr. Christian Mathis

    They did.

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