Catholics & Cremation: A Conversation with the Founder of the Body Farm

by Fr. Christian Mathis on October 23, 2012

Frank Murphy and I recently had a conversation with the well known forensic anthropologist, Dr. Bill Bass. This most current episode of Faith Seeking Understanding is a coming together of science and religion. My thanks to Dr. Bass for taking the time to join us on the podcast. Check back next week for a second podcast with our special guest on the subject of relics.

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  • Centavoaqui

    Thank you for sharing this informative podcast. I think this is a topic many are curious about, but maybe felt uncomfortable asking questions. I have previously read, ‘Created-Remains’ as the correct term versus Cremains?

  • Stu

    So what happens to the bones that remain after the cremation? This was not explained.

  • Fr. Christian Mathis

    Listen to next week’s episode to find out!

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