How Big Is Your But?

by Fr. Christian Mathis on February 6, 2013

That’s the question that continues to resonate with me from our priest gathering this week. The question came from Fr. Brendan Moss, a monk of St. Meinrad Archabbey, who spent the last few days with us sharing his expertise on preaching to the young generation. He recalled a homily for young people in which he began with the question, “How big is your but?”  The question was met with laughter until the realization came that his question was posed about a preposition rather than a body part. How big is your but? In other words, What is keeping you from fully surrendering to God? 

I would like to pray more, but…..

I would like to receive God’s forgiveness through confession, but….

I think God might be calling me to live more for Him, but….

That three letter word can be one of the biggest obstacles that we place between ourselves and God. My experience tells me that most people want to put God first in their lives, but like so many other things that we know are important, we don’t. We often put our own plans ahead of God’s plans due to fear, lack of trust, being too busy, you name it. So often our reasons for keeping God from the center of our life begins with the word, “but”.

As Lent draws near, it may be helpful to examine our own lives to see the areas where we are keeping God at a distance. Perhaps we can begin by asking ourselves the question, “How big is your but?” and once we have arrived at an answer to get to work on making our buts smaller.

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  • Fr. Brendan

    Fr. Brent, many thanks for hearing and acting on the Word preached! Peace, Fr. Brendan

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