Let’s Be Still

by Fr. Christian Mathis on March 13, 2014

One of the things I have had to adjust to since moving out of a parish setting and into campus ministry is the fact that we have built in breaks. Of course for me this doesn’t mean everything comes to a complete stop. There are still things that continue to need my attention. There is, however, more of a stillness that can be hard to find the rest of the school year.

In a time when the pace of life seems to only be getting faster, it is critical to set aside time to simply be at rest. Most of us don’t have jobs with built in breaks, but we do have the ability to make sure we take one from time to time. Lent is a good reminder to put a few minutes aside each day to just be still.

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  • Sherry

    Awesome song for everyday! Love this song!

  • VasoNuevo

    Lovely song, thank you for sharing :’)

  • http://doatney.blogger.com/ David Oatney

    I have to admit, Father Christian, that one of the things I really miss about college life are those “built-in breaks!” However, years ago when I came into the Church, that process was delayed in large part because of those breaks!

  • http://www.blessedisthekingdom.com Fr. Christian Mathis

    I tried to be flexible with our three students who were preparing to come into the Church this year. All three are now among the Catholic faithful.

  • http://doatney.blogger.com/ David Oatney

    Praise the Lord! I went through the same process myself, because I was baptized and received into the Church when I was in college.

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